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Retrofit for a brighter future.

You may not know it, but energy savings does not just mean replacing your lighting fixtures lamp for lamp. With options available on the market today, you can redesign your facility’s lighting system for lower energy, better lights, less maintenance, and an ROI as low as less than one year. Broadway Lights can do a turn-key retrofit project at your facility, from parking lot lights, building lights, signage, office lighting, task lighting production and warehouse lighting.

Save up to 80% on lighting energy bill monthly.

Retrofits use to mean replacing fixture for fixture, now there are many ways you can save money on energy through lighting. Broadway Lights will help you determine which lighting system is best for your application needs within our LED family of fixtures and lamps. Maximize reduction of energy without compromising lighting output, install lighting controls, include daylight harvesting when possible, and help you get a faster ROI by assuming the rebates from the power companies and reducing the dollar amount from your final invoice.

We make it easy for you to save.

At Broadway Lights, we help you find the best retrofit solution for your facility. With an onsite visit, and often within 24 hours, we can recommend what changes can save you the most money, and with the least amount of hassle. From there we manage your project to completion, and even help you understand how to track your energy savings.

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Our retrofits are a
cost-savings upgrade.

Broadway Lights offers free consultations anywhere in United Sates, turn-key retrofits by using our 10 Year Warranty Fixtures and our team of technicians. We will accommodate to your schedule even if that means retrofitting on weekends and/or third shift (at no additional cost). We retrofit with efficiency so you can start saving energy right away.

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