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Consulting gets you a better lighting solution.

We know that your business is driven by cost savings. We can help you find the right LED solution for your lighting retrofit needs. Do you need precise lightning for different environments in your facility? We know the precise lighting needs based on industry standards, whether it is by code or by desired foot candles.

We help you make better decisions.

Do you know that when you retrofit you can reduce the number of fixtures in an area by allowing us to redesign your lighting without compromising light output? We can even help you determine when to install motion and occupancy sensors.

We know! At Broadway Lights we have installed over 150,000 fixtures and have decades of experience.

You’re a specialist in what you do, we’re experts in helping you see what you do. Like you, we want to meet your business goals in the process when they include savings, accuracy with flexibility.

Our goal is to never have to think about your lighting again.

You want to make a great decision with your lighting investment. We want you to make a great decision, too. You’re bound to know something about lights: everyone does. But that’s not the same thing as knowing all the fixture options at your disposal, and even the latest trends that could serve your needs even better.

Every Broadway Lights sales rep is highly educated and can help you answer any question about your lighting. 

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Broadway Lights knows lighting.

When you’re ready to talk about your lighting, contact us for some complimentary recommendations. We also offer a full inventory of lighting fixtures, lamps and accessories, and we’re committed to on-time delivery and hassle-free warranties. Most of our products are available same day or next day, and we always stand behind the quality of our service.

Any lighting solution you need, we offer.

// our solutions

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