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Recycling makes the world a brighter place.

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of recycling when it comes to your company’s paper usage. Recycling for your lamps, ballast and fixtures has similar benefits.

Recycled lighting reduces the need for virgin materials, and keeps complex materials out of landfills. It reduces the potential for releasing harmful waste into the environment, and gives your customers more confidence that you are doing your part to take responsibility of your resources.

Turn your old lights green.

As sustainability and green business practices become more important, Broadway Lights offers you a way to be sustainably responsible. At Broadway Lights, we use and offer the most sustainable lamps and LED products the industry has to offer. When we recycle for you, we can offer you documentation of your recycled lamps and ballast.

Choose from a range of recycling options.

Broadway Lights offers a variety of ways for you to recycle at a level that meets your needs and goals. We can pick up your discarded lamps and other lighting products from your location(s), ship discarded lamps and ballast in boxes, as is required, recycle at nationally-certified EPA facilities, provide you with proof of recycling, and educate you on which lamps can/should be recycled. Our expertise is at your service, even if you want to learn about other environmentally-friendly solutions, such as daylight harvesting and lighting controls.

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Broadway Lights knows lighting.

When you’re ready to talk about recycling, contact us for some complimentary recommendations on how you could do your part. We also offer a full inventory of lighting fixtures, lamps and accessories, and we’re committed to on-time delivery and hassle-free warranties. Most of our products are available same day or next day, and we always stand behind the quality of our service.

Any lighting solution you need, we offer.

// our solutions

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