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Interested in halogen?

The halogen lamp has long been the standard for the hospitality and retail industries, but it has a home in most types of applications. Halogen lamps are essentially incandescent, but the combination of halogen gas with the tungsten filament produces a different chemical reaction that keeps the lamp cleaner.

The most important thing Building Bright wants you to know about halogen is that it is gradually being phased out. But while you still need it, we provide it.

Consider replacing your halogen lamps.

Legislative bodies around the world are planning to phase out all incandescent lamps, including halogen lamps, in order to encourage more energy efficiency.

In the meanwhile, the clean, luminous light produced by halogen continues to be a good fit for hospitality. LED, however, delivers all of the qualities of halogen light, but with longevity and energy efficiency.

There are many reasons to replace halogen.

The halogen lamp has delivered excellent qualities for years, such as cost-effectiveness and high-quality light. It lends itself well to environments that need to create a stunning environment, such as hotels and restaurants. However, since halogen lamps will inevitably be phased out in the coming years, Broadway Lights encourages our customers to consider upgrading to LED. There are many reasons to switch, such as the ability to lower your wattage and save money, spend more on the outset but save significantly more over the lifetime of the lamp, and gain the same light quality.

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Building Bright knows lighting.

Building Bright offers lighting expertise for customers across the United States. Our experienced lighting professionals offer companies of all sizes with expert advice on retrofits, lighting strategy and education on new trends and options in lighting. We can save you both energy and money. No question will go unanswered.

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