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You remember fluorescent technology.

It’s one of the most recognizable forms of lighting in the world. Fluorescent light charges mercury vapor with electricity, and as a result, creates both ultraviolet and visible light. For many applications, it continues to be an excellent choice. Its positives include color for all applications, a wide range of wattage for all applications, a long life, and even the potential to be tough-coated for shatterproof application needs.

Fluorescent is improving.

Broadway Lights carries top-of-the-line fluorescent fixtures, and also offers you the ability to retrofit your current lamps with more energy-efficient options.

For example, we can replace four 32-watt 24,000 hour lamps within a fixture and install a retrofit kit with two 25-watt T8 46,000 hour lamps. Often this delivers the right amount of light output (or foot candles) for office settings.

There are also new options that can help you gain up to 46,000 hours of lighting and lower your T8 wattage consumption from 32 watts per lamp to 25 watts per lamp.

One-of-a-kind lighting.

Broadway Lights offers the fixtures that most companies can’t. We understand fluorescent and which fixtures will best meet your lighting needs. Do you need a national distributor to keep you stocked with the lamps you need? Are you interested in retrofitting your current fixtures to gain energy efficiency? Are you considering a re-grid of your ceiling during a period of business operation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to talk with Broadway about our fluorescent products and recommendations.

// our products

Broadway Lights knows lighting.

Broadway Lights offers lighting expertise for customers across the United States. Our experienced lighting professionals offer companies of all sizes with expert advice on retrofits, lighting strategy and education on new trends and options in lighting. We can save you both energy and money. No question will go unanswered.

// our products

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