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You remember CFL.

It’s the lamp famous for its energy savings. It uses the same technology as fluorescent, but wraps it into a smaller space. The compact fluorescent lamp (or CFL) is designed to replace high wattage incandescent lamps, and with good reason. Every incandescent lamp replaced with CFL means less power usage and longer life.

One-of-a-kind lighting.

CFL lamps deliver a tremendous combination of benefits, including:

  • the ability to replace many high wattage lamps.
  • the ability to dim.
  • a variety of socket bases.
  • an inexpensive option for reducing energy.
  • its availability in different styles (twist, floods, etc.) for different applications.
  • a reduction in the heat produced by your lighting systems.

Broadway Lights is the only lighting resource you need.

No matter the accessory or special situation lighting you need, Broadway Lights already carries it, or can begin carrying it easily. We work with companies around North America and the Caribbean, and can distribute accessories such as wires, sockets and lenses nationwide.

Are you ready to choose a partner that can support all of your lighting needs?

// our products

Broadway Lights knows lighting.

Broadway Lights offers lighting expertise for customers across the United States. Our experienced lighting professionals offer companies of all sizes with expert advice on retrofits, lighting strategy and education on new trends and options in lighting. We can save you both energy and money. No question will go unanswered.

// our products

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