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Light-emitting diode (or LED) lamps were invented in the 1960s, but have only recently become a serious solution for most lighting applications. It’s energy-saving. It’s long-lasting. It can be used in almost any lighting application. It’s the next generation in lighting.

Fluorescent light charges mercury vapor with electricity, and as a result, creates both ultraviolet and visible light. For many applications, it continues to be an excellent choice. Its positives include color for all applications, a wide range of wattage for all applications, a long life, and even the potential to be tough-coated for shatterproof application needs.


It’s the lamp famous for its energy savings. It uses the same technology as fluorescent, but wraps it into a smaller space. The compact fluorescent lamp (or CFL) is designed to replace high wattage incandescent lamps, and with good reason. Every incandescent lamp replaced with CFL means less power usage and longer life.

Lighting Controls — also called motion-controlled or motion-activated lighting — enable a light to turn on only when movement within the illuminated space triggers it. Sometimes controls can even react to motion or outside light, and dim to an appropriate level. Due to its unique functionality, motion-sensor lighting is a perfect choice for spaces that are under-used or need a level of customization or dimming.

No matter the accessory or special situation lighting you need, Building Bright already carries it, or can begin carrying it easily. We work with companies around North America and the Caribbean and can distribute accessories such as wires, sockets, and lenses nationwide.


High-intensity discharge lamps (or HID) are some of the highest intensity lights on the market for many applications. They create light by forming an electric arc between two tungsten electrodes within the fixture. Metal salts then melt inside the fixture and their plasma dramatically increases the intensity of light. Due to their brilliance, HID is a perfect choice for applications where a high intensity of light is needed for a large area.

The halogen lamp has long been the standard for the hospitality and retail industries, but it has a home in most types of applications. Halogen lamps are essentially incandescent, but the combination of halogen gas with the tungsten filament produces a different chemical reaction that keeps the lamp cleaner.

The incandescent lamp has delivered good qualities for nearly two centuries, especially cost-effectiveness. However, the lamp also generates a significant amount of heat loss (roughly 90% of its power is converted into heat rather than light) and, as a result, is expensive to power over the life of the lamp.

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Building Bright offers lighting expertise for customers across the United States. Our experienced lighting professionals offer companies of all sizes with expert advice on retrofits, lighting strategy and education on new trends and options in lighting. We can save you both energy and money. No question will go unanswered.

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