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Great lighting knows when to turn on and off, or simply dim down.

Any facility can take advantage of lighting controls to save money on energy costs. This is especially true for spaces that are used occasionally such as conference rooms, supply closets, bathrooms, warehouses, and some outside lighting environments. When motion and occupancy sensors are installed, that translates to substantial energy savings and a positive impact on your bottom line. Installation requires only a minor investment, but your energy savings will add up fast.

Reduce your energy use by up to 90%.

Why should you pay to light spaces 100% of the time when you use them less than 10% of the time. By installing lighting controls with your retrofit package, you reduce a huge amount of energy usage in some of your spaces. We can consult you on a retrofit package that includes lighting controls and show you an ROI that will include rebate incentives for your lighting controls.

There are many reasons to consider lighting controls.

Cost savings and a faster ROI is the top reason you should add lighting controls to your retrofit package. If you’ve decided to move forward with a lighting retrofit, adding lighting controls at a fraction of the cost of the retrofit should be considered. Adding lighting controls at a later date is more expensive and will cost you money every time the light should be off or dimmed.

Lighting controls, which include a variety of sensors, aren’t just about under-used spaces. You may also want to consider them if you have areas that are used only at specific times of day, you need responsive, dimming lights, you want to take advantage of daylight harvesting to lower your energy bills, or you want to dim your lights with a smartphone app.

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Broadway Lights knows lighting.

No matter what kind of facility your company uses, there’s probably a place where motion-controlled lights would save you money. Some buildings can take more advantage of natural light: motion sensors are perfect for dimming lights and adjusting automatically throughout the day, so you can use only the levels of light the sun can’t provide.

When you’re ready to see how much energy and money your business can save, contact us for a complimentary site visit and recommendation.

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