Retrofit with Real ROI

What if there was a way to reimagine your space, finding a cost saving improvement that bettered the lighting experience of everyone who walks through your door.

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Broadway Lights Building Bright Experience

Our process offers a turn key retrofit solution to save you money while making your facility look great by creating a brilliant experience for your patrons.




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Saving Money

Why Retrofit?

Experience matters. Whether it’s your customers, your employees, or even you, how your business is experienced can mean the difference between being seen, being ignored, or worse yet, perceived to be a business that doesn’t care about the customer experience. Unless your building was built in the last year, there is a very high likelihood your lighting is out of date, energy inefficient, broken, or just plain looks bad. Let’s illuminate your facility and create a brilliant experience for everyone.

Your old fixtures don’t just look bad, they are more than likely using way more energy than they should. That energy equates to a lot of money being burned every time you flip the switch. Lighting technology has improved dramatically and replacing your old lights with new energy efficient models will save you real money as soon as you turn them on. That means the sooner you make the switch the more money you will save.

Retrofit Rewards

Return on Investment

You’ll save money on your electricity cost immediately, eventually allowing your new system to pay for itself.

Brighter Lights

Our systems can increase illumination where you need it, and help you better control how much light you are using.

Perfect Fit

“Test” Fixtures are installed at each location, free of charge, so that we’ll know exactly what works in your space.

Project Management

A project manager is selected for your project along with a foreman so you have a dedicated team member serving you.

Limited Paperwork

We take care of utility rebates for you so that you see your cost savings even sooner.

No Outsourcing

Our team are all salaried employees who we know and trust so you can trust them, too.

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Why Building Bright?

Our experienced team has created a proprietary Return On Investment (ROI) calculator that determines just how quickly our system will pay for itself. One of our experienced team members will do a free assessment to help you know when you can expect your cost savings to offset the installation cost.

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We Build Bright For:

Bank Branches






Parking Structures

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